The "Not an Adirondack Chair"
Low Country Chair Company Product Line:

    The Low Country Chair, Loveseat, Rocker and Table
    as featured on these pages are our primary products and what
    our reputation has been built on.

    The Low Country Chair Cushions are custom made to fit your
    Low Country Chair Loveseat™, and Rocker™ and are
    available as a seat cushion as well as a seat and back cushion
    in complementary colors and patterns to your Low Country

    Our Low Country Table™ and Stools™ add another level of
    comfort to your garden or lawn enjoyment.  Easily moved with
    your chair, the table and stool are perfect accompaniments to
    your Low Country Chair.

    Just sit down and enjoy!

Our Loveseat is beautiful Indoors or Out
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Natural Cedar Chair
Left: A Pod of Chairs; Above-Left: Red Chair with Bold Stripe
Seat Cushion; Above-Top: The Low Country Rocker™ Above-
Bottom: Cedar with Designer "Tropical Forest" Seat and Back